About Rego Digital Studio

We are committed

We are storytellers. We know that video is unrivaled as a story telling medium. And with the advent of the internet and, more importantly, internet video, we believe that a historical opportunity has developed that gives everyone the potential to use video to tell their story to their audiences. Every website is now a broadcaster that can deliver your message. The time has come where every business, every cause and every individual can use video to introduce their businesses, sell their products and services, promote their causes and to share their knowledge. Everyone can use video now. Rego Digital Studio is committed to making this potential a reality for its clients to enable them to further their goals.

We are experienced

Antonio Rego We have been involved in the business of moving images for over fifteen years. Our founder and Director–Producer, Antonio Rego, is an award winning producer, writer and director experienced in creating broadcast, on-demand, home video and internet programming. His broad range of experience in video production, techonolgy and business management qualifies him as a extemely capable producer of modern video. After graduating with an honors degree in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley, he co-founded a multimedia production company in Los Angeles that created numerous educational, health, fitness and sports programming including the award winning All Pro Sports Series as well as programming for Fox Sports International.

After running that business for several years, Antonio then worked with one of the most successful producers in Hollywood history, Peter Guber, at Mandalay Entertainment, where he created and produced award-winning programming for Warner Bros., ABC Family Network, USA Network and Yahoo! Also at Mandalay, Antonio developed a vital understanding of the concept of brand marketing through projects for clients such as Coca Cola, GNC, ad agencies, minor league sports teams and major health care providers. Additionally, he updated the business profile video that Peter Guber used for his introduction at numerous speaking engagements and that Mandalay still uses today to promote its company on its website. From those years at Mandalay, Antonio developed his true appreciation of the incomparable power of moving pictures to show and tell human stories in media as simple an interview or as complex as a major theatrical release film.

Seeing the early potential in web-based video, Antonio refocused himself in the technical aspects of video production, web design and web video delivery. He became an independent director and producer focused on adapting his Hollywood training to the opportunities of the web. This new focus has allowed Antonio to move his family to a place where the air is clean and the water is pure. Our current loctation in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire provides many advantages that allow us to excel as storytellers not only in New England, but also nationwide.

We are capable

We do many things well. We can provide the full range of services necessary to create video programming to meet your goals. This includes concept development, research, scripting, pre-production planning, production on location or in studio, post-production, including picture and sound editing, special effects, still and motion graphics, color grading, DVD design, authoring and packaging and web video encoding and deployment. We are a highly scalable organization that can tackle any project from a simple one-hour, one-camera interview to an intentionally rough-looking viral video to a major documentary feature meant for theatrical release. To be able to acccomplish this, we have a broad and deep knowledge of cameras, lighting, audio, computers, editing software, special effects and the techniques of modern production. We also have been involved in video marketing and distribution for many years. That experience has given us the the knowlege and abilties to help you reach your video audience. Regardless of the size of your ambitions, Rego Digital Studio has the resources and the resourcefulness to create a video to match it effectively and efficiently within the constraints of budget, time and quality. You can learn more about our capabilities on our Production Services page.

We make a promise

We promise one thing: We will combine our commitment, our experience and our capabilities to create the best possible video for our clients that tells their story to their audience in a way to help them achieve their goals.

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  • We believe in the power of video to deliver your message.
  • We know how to use video on the web to reach your goals.
  • Our founder, Antonio Rego, is an experienced former Hollywood producer, writer and director.
  • We have the resources and the resourcefulness to make great video for our clients.
  • We promise to do our best to help you reach your goals through the use of video.
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