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Why Use Video for Education and Training?

Video is a proven tool for education and training. By combining the senses, by showing and by telling, video creates a learning experience that is engaging and memorable. Educational video is directed away from an organization to clients, customers and to the public. In addition to being a product itself, it can be used to enhance a brand by demonstrating knowledge and experience in its subject matter. Training video is directed into an organization to its employees, staff members and volunteers. Either as a new production or as a videotaping of an event, it effectively teaches the skills and abilities needed by your organization. It is an investment in organizational success.

What is Educational and Training Video?

Educational and Training video can take many forms. It can include:

  • Educational demonstrations
  • Company and organization histories
  • Modules in learning management systems
  • Skills training
  • Legal training
  • Recorded live educational events
  • Supplemental material for training programs
  • Free informational programs that demonstrate expertise
  • Educational products for sale

Who Can Use it?

Educational and training video can be used by all kinds of organizations to supplement their marketing and promotional video and their educational and training programs. While it is perfect for teaching entities, such as schools, certification programs and trainers, it can also be a valuable tool for organizations that are not formally teaching organizations.

Where Can I Show My Video?

Educational and training video can be presented in many ways, including:

  • Websites
  • Video sharing sites, You Tube, Vimeo, Google Video, Facebook, Bing, MySpace, Metacafe, etc..
  • DVDs

How Can I Get Educational and Training Video

Contact us to learn how a professional producer with the commitment, experience and capability to create effective programming can help you reach youreducation and training goals. The information that we have presented on this web site only begins to address the power and possibilties of video. We’ll be glad to help you develop a strategy that will apply to your situation and needs in order to help you achieve your educational and training goals.


  • Video is a powerful educational tool that teaches in an engaging and memorable way.
  • There are many kinds of video that serve different educational and training roles.
  • Educational and training video can be used by many different types of businesses.
  • Educational and training video can be shown in many different places.
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