Green Business Video

We are Committed to Green Business Video

Rego Digital Studio is committed to creating video for green businesses. We are passionate about video. We believe it is the most powerful way to market, promote and educate an audience about products or services. This is especially true for green businesses, since web-based video is also a sustainable choice for marketing. Our commitment to green business extends to our own choices. We operate our company and create our video using sustainable practices.

We Know How to Tell the Green Business Story

We have been involved in the traditional business world for many years and understand business challenges and opportunities. We know that the green business story is more than just the features and benefits of products and services. It is about protecting the health of ourselves and our planet.

After our son was diagnosed with a heart defect almost 10 years ago, we began to look more critically at the products we purchased and the choices we made. We now opt for organic and sustainable choices when buying food, clothing, furniture and personal care products. As green consumers ourselves, we understand the challenges of getting people to understand why these products are better and are worth the additional expense. We also understand, intimately, the choices that homeowners and businesspeople make when building or remodeling. Over the past 5 years we have remodeled our home and office using green building products, techniques and energy solutions. Moreover, Antonio has a building contractor level knowledge and skills, which is very helpful in filming and editing technical applications in green building products and services.

How to Use Video for Green Business Marketing

Profile Videos

Every company website should have a brief but powerful high-quality video that explains who they are, what they do and shows their products or services and their customers talking about their experiences. It's especially important that this video targets its audience by explaining the reasons behind the superiority of the sustainable practices.

Product, Project and Service Launch Videos

Launch a new product, project, service line or even key recruitment with a short video introduction. Demonstrate the product or how the new service will benefit the client or community and create a buzz.

Expertise Videos

Provide much needed advice on short topics to your target audiences in a series of videos that provide a more in-depth look as your expertise. On the higher end, we can create reality shows using competitions, local celebrities or other experts to create awareness of a business or documentary programs that features an in depth look at the reasons for being a green business.

Customer Experience Videos

These are essentially visual, more engaging case studies highlighting a positive customer experiences. These also can be done realty show style by proactively filming an experience.

Education Video

Educating potential green business customers about the benefits of green products and services is often the first step in earning customers. It demonstrates the knowledge and commitment of a green business and makes customers more comfortable using the product or service. Video is a great way to demonstrate how something works, especially since many people prefer visual learning. Video-based education might also be the “product,” if part of your business is providing education on green topics.

Recruiting Videos

Attracting good people is key to a successful business. A short video explaining why your company is different and hearing from employees is a very powerful recruiting tool.

Fundraising Videos

Whether for-profit or non-profit, telling your story and why funding is important is vital to success for an individual project or for the business as a whole. These videos are longer, more targeted versions of the Profile Video focusing on success stories, planned projects, meeting key management, etc.

How to Get Green Business Marketing Video

Contact us to learn how a professional producer with the commitment, experience and capability to create effective programming can help you reach your green business marketing goals. The information that we have presented on this web site only begins to address the power and possibilities of video. We’ll be glad to help you develop a strategy that will apply to your situation and your needs in order to help you achieve your goals.


  • Video is a powerful tool that establishes brand identity while attracting and keeping customers and it can be a sustainable choice.
  • Rego Digital Studio is committed to green business and sustainable video production practices.
  • Video provides many ways to market green businesses, including profiles, education and recruiting.
  • Video can be shown in many different places.
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