Legal Video


Rego Digital Studio develops highly effective video for law firms and legal businesses, including client development, business development, recruiting and training videos.

Why Use Video?

  • A website is an absolute necessity for marketing, promotion and recruiting. Adding high-quality, professionally produced video to your website is the next step in attracting potential clients, keeping current clients, business development and recruiting new members to a firm.
  • Video adds another element to your typical webinar or seminar by creating a shorter, pointed version of the issues that can be shared with your client, as well as your management and staff.
  • Unprofessional video can actually hurt your marketing efforts and is short sighted given that video lasts many years and can be produced cost effectively. Professional video differentiates you from other firms.
  • Video keeps a website fresh and adding video improves your search engine ranking, which means more potential clients can find you.

How Can Video Be Used?

Profile Videos

A short profile video (1 to 3 minutes) is a website must explaining to clients who you are, your passion about what you do and even how competent you are by using a few client testimonials.

Practice Profiles

Highlight a practice area in a new way using a 1 to 3 minute video to introduce key members of the practice, talk about practice areas and hear from clients. Can be easily edited to allow for changes in staff.

Product/Service Profiles

Combine video with cutting edge graphics to create the ultimate presentation highlighting the key features of a product or service, describing the product/service development and hearing from satisfied clients.

Video Blogs

Take your blogs to a more interactive level. 1 to 3 minute videos with interactive graphics. Rego Digital provides consulting services so you or your staff can create your own semi-professional video blog pieces and updates.

Case Studies

Use an example from a successful client experience to help other clients with a similar issue and brand your expertise.

Recruiting and Staff Training

Video is a great way to stretch your internal recruiting dollars by creating pointed, but concise information about the company or firm. Video makes your recruiting efforts more successful and sets you apart. For training purposes, video saves staff time and resources by having an important topics available for viewing anytime and anywhere.

Consulting Services

We are happy to consult with your existing staff or contractors to improve your in-house video capabilities. We also offer assistance with social media marketing including blogging, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter set up and tutorial.

How Can I Get Legal Marketing Video?

Contact us to learn how a professional producer with the commitment, experience and capability to create effective legal video programming can help you reach your business marketing goals. The information that we have presented on this web site only begins to address the power and possibilities of video. We’ll be glad to help you develop a strategy that will apply to your situation and your needs in order to help you achieve your goals.