Please watch a few samples of our work. You will be able to see recent examples of programs that we have produced for business marketing, education and training and cause promotion. This portfolio represents a range of styles and budgets that will give you an idea of the quality that we can produce given various levels of resources directed towards different purposes. This portfolio includes complete versions of some of our short-form work and selections from our long-form work.

Business Marketing Video

Kim Merrell Profile

Mitch Adler, Psy D

Pilates Flow Fitness

AFM Safecoat

Hawaiian Resort

Dance Studio

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Health Law 2.0

D&J Kitchens and Baths

Kim Merrell, Realtor

Gold Standard Diagnostics

Family Dentistry

Children's Yoga Studio

Educational / Training Video

Compliance Education Series

Conflicts of Interest

Sutter Health Seminar

Cause Promotion Video

American Health Lawyers Association

Regional Technology Association

Kawasaki Disease Foundation