Process: How We Make Video

Motion picture production has evolved into a standard process that's used to create any production from a 15 second web ad to a 3 hour cinematic epic. Rego Digital Studio applies this process to all of its work in order to create programs that achieve their desired results using available resources. It's crucial to our ability to produce successful video. We divide the process into five parts: development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

Development: Create the Idea

It all begins with an idea. That idea may be a goal to achieve or a need to be filled. We work with our clients to refine that idea into video product based on that idea. Some of our clients know exactly what they want and others have relied on us to create video that they would have never conceived on their own. Either way, we learn everything that we can about our clients and what they hope to accomplish. In order to create a successful collaboration, we answer the following questions:

  • What does the client want to do?
  • How should the client do it?
  • Who will see it?
  • What resources does the client have to accomplish it?

With the answers to these questions, we are able to write a creative treatment that describes the video and a proposal that outlines the resources needed to create the video. At this point, some projects will require a written script and an extensive storyboard, while others may only need a simple outline. Once we have confirmed our creative vision for the project, we can move to the next phase of making that idea a reality.

Pre-Production: Plan and Prepare

With the creative vision that we have developed to guide us, we then make plans and prepare for the production of the video. This phase, know as pre-production, includes budgeting, scheduling, creating shot lists, refining the script or outline, casting on-camera and narration talent, assembling the crew and finding filming locations and/or studios. We believe that this is a crucial part of ensuring the production of a successful video. The scale of this phase depends on the scale of the production, but no matter the size, a successful production depends upon a successful preproduction.

Production: Make the Elements

The next step of making the idea into reality is the production phase. During this phase, we actually make the elements that will be the final video. We shoot the video of the people, places and things needed to create the program. During this time, we express our skills, talents and abilities to maximize the production value. This is the most important phase of production that's the result of successful preparation and leads to the next phase.

Post-Production: Assemble the Elements

Once we have made the elements of the video, we then assemble them in the next phase called post production. We edit together the best video and audio, combine it with graphics and music and create any special effects. We extend the efforts from production to realize our vision. The result is a rough cut which allows us to determine how close we have come to realizing our original idea. After we refine the content of the rough cut, we make it look and sound as great as possible. Upon everyone’s approval that the idea is now finally real, we create the final cut and prepare it for distribution.

Distribution: Show It

A video is useless if no one sees it. Rego Digital Studio creates versions of the video to be distributed to its viewers. We are very helpful in helping its clients reach their audiences. Sometimes, that involves encoding designing and authoring a DVD and sometimes that involves encoding web video files for your website or for video sharing sites. It can also involve designing retail packaging or innovative web video opportunities. We can also help our clients devise a video distribution strategy that will give them maximum payoff for their investment.

Understanding and Communication: The Essential Ingredients

Ultimately, the production process depends on understanding and communication. Rego Digital Studio must understand its clients needs and its clients must understand what RDS needs to make great video. Only when both sets of needs are met will the result be great video. This mutual understanding depends on clear and authentic communication. Together, these ingredients allow us to keep our promise to create the best possible video for our clients that tells their story to their audience in a way that helps them achieve their goals.

Click this link to see the successful results of our process in our portfolio.


  • Development is the creation of the idea of your video.
  • During pre-production we plan and prepare for the creation of your program.
  • We shoot footage during production.
  • Post-Production is the assembly of program elements including editing, graphics and music.
  • Distribution is how we make your program available to your viewers.
  • Click to see our portfolio.