Our Services

Rego Digital Studio helps its clients achieve their goals through the use of video. Our services include the creation of business marketing video, cause promotion video, education and training video and general production services.

Business Marketing Video

Video is an established marketing tool that has been proven to increase sales. It can be used by all kinds and sizes of businesses to enhance enhance brand identity by showing and telling your potential customers why your goods and services are better for them than your competitors’. Rego Digital Studio knows how to create business marketing video for any size budget that can give businesses access to the power of video. Click to learn more.

Education and Training Video

Video is a proven tool for education and training. By combining the senses, by showing and telling, video creates a learning experience that is engaging and memorable. Rego Digital Studio is committed to creating video that can teach your audience what it needs to learn. Click to learn more.

Cause Promotion Video

Nonprofit organizations must deliver their message in order to make change happen. Video is an indispensible tool to communicate your message, inspire your supporters and raise money. Rego Digital Studio can create cause promotion video for any size budget that can give nonprofits access to the power of video. Click to learn more.

Production Services

Rego Digital Studio is a full service production company that provides production services ranging from program development through delivery, including scriptwriting, videotaping, graphics, editing, audio sweetening, DVD design and authoring and web encoding. We use of cost effective technology with efffective and efficient processes to create powerful video. Click to learn more.

Web Design

We also create highly effective we sites for all kinds and sizes of clients. Our sites feature the latest technologies that leverage the power of the internet for marketing, training and promotion. Integrating video content is our speciality. Click to learn more.

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