Web Design and Consulting

In addition to our video services for business marketing, cause promotion and education and training video, we offer web design services. We all businesses and nonprofits who have the need to create or update their web sites. Let us share our resources and resourcefullness to help you with your web design needs.

Web Design

We can help you create and develop a highly effective web site using the latest designs and technologies. Our design and development abilities can create just about any website from a simple landing page to a complex ecommerce store. We start with a thorough understanding of your needs, then we create a web presence that fully supports your goals. We make use of the following:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Responsive design (mobile)
  • Web Standards


We are big fans of Wordpress. While most people know it as a blogging platform, it is also a robust development platform that is taking over web design for small and medium sized businesses and organizations. Wordpress expands the options for web design and makes complicted coding and customization easy and affordable. Of couse, blogging is still completely supported. In all, we believe that the potential of the Wordpress platform makes it the best candidate for any new website.

SEO and Consulting

Does your website exist if people can't find it? NO. That is why we are experts in making your website stand out on the web. We understand SEO (search engine optimization) and how important it is to making your website successful. We can help you in many other areas including:

  • Web marketing strategies
  • Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter integration
  • Web content strategies
  • Web advertising for promotion and revenue
  • Audience growth (follower and like development)

How Can I Use Your Web Design Services?

Contact us to learn how a professional web designer with the commitment, experience and capability to create effective websites can help you achieve your goals.


  • We make our resources and resourcefullness available to help others achieve their web design goals.
  • We create modern, responsive websites that feature the most effective technologies.
  • We know SEO and how to make your site be seen.
  • We can help you with your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.
  • We also consult on many areas of web design and marketing.
  • We can help you grow your audience.

Some of our web designs:

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